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Application Procedures

Graduate Program: Application Procedures  

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Background Information
Welcome to SF State! This page is intended as an outline for prospective students applying to SFSU. Please check out the SFSU Grad Studies Homepage for more information and to start the application process.
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Masters of Chemistry Applicants Must:
  • Have a B.S./B.A. in Chemistry, Biochemistry, or a related field (i.e. Chemical Engineering, Molecular Biology, etc.) with a 3.0 GPA.
  • Have taken the GRE
    • Verbal and quantitative sections required
    • Chemistry and Biochemistry Subject exams are not required
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International Students:
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Preparing for Classes:
  • Prospective applicants who wish to improve their chemistry/biochemistry background prior to registration may consider taking the following undergraduate courses:
    • CHEM320 Quantitative Analysis
    • CHEM422 Instrumental Analysis
    • CHEM333/335 Organic Chemistry I/II
    • CHEM340/341 Biochemistry I/II
    • CHEM343 Biochemistry Lab I
    • CHEM425 Inorganic Chemistry
    • CHEM300/301 General Physical Chemistry I/II
    • CHEM350/351 Physical Chemistry I/II
  • Applicants wishing to the take courses at SFSU can enroll through CEL (College of Extended Learning)
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Application Deadlines
  • All materials must be received by the following deadlines(no exceptions):
    • Fall Admission: March 1st
    • Spring Admission: November 1st
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Application Forms

Attention: forms must be filled out for SFSU grad studies as well as the chemistry dept

  • University Application
    • Check out app proc using SFSU Grad Studies Site
    • Complete an online application using CSU mentor
    • Send in to SFSU Grad Studies:
      • Processing Fee
      • Official Transcripts
      • CSU Application
      • Immunization Records
        • Mailing Address:
          • San Francisco State University
            Division of Graduate Studies, ADM 254
            1600 Holloway Avenue
            San Francisco, CA 94132
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  • Chemistry Department Application
    • Fill out the Department Application Form (MS Word format)
    • Visit the faculty web sites and identify potential advisors
    • Complete department application form
    • Send in to the chemistry and biochemistry department:
      • Department Application Form
      • Three letters of recommendation (please have letter writers send recommendations directly to chemistry department)
        • Mailing Address:
          • Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
            Attention: Graduate Coordinator
            San Francisco State University
            1600 Holloway Avenue
            San Francisco, CA 94132
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Upon Arrival
  • At the beginning of each semester there will be an orientation meeting for new graduate students. This is usually the week before classes begin. If you have not received a letter from the graduate coordinator, please check with the Chemistry Office for exact dates and times.
  • Graduate Essay Test (GET)
    • New students are required to take the Graduate Essay Test (GET) to find out whether you are ready for the writing you'll do in graduate classes. The GET exam is given before each fall and spring semester and takes two hours.
    • Please see the GET Exam Schedule for dates and times, preferably before the first enrollment takes place, but no later that the end of the first semester of enrollment to determine if writing deficiencies exist.
    • You may satisfy the GET requirements by scoring 4.5 on the GRE essay section.
    • If additional work is necessary, the student will be expected to complete a graduate writing class such as SCI 614.
  • Students should begin setting up meetings with professors to look for a research group to join:
    • Check out faculty web sites
    • Look up 1 or 2 of the professor’s research papers for discussion
    • Talk to student members of the research group
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