Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Ihsan Erden

erden pic Name: Erden, Ihsan
Education: B.S. (1971,Vordiplom) Georg-August Univ. Gottingen, Chemistry
M.S. (1973,Diplom) Georg-August Univ. Gottingen, Chemistry
Ph.D. (1977) Georg-August Univ. Gottingen, Chemistry
At SFSU since: 1981
Status: Faculty
Office Location: TH
Phone: 415-338-1627
Email: anderson

Organic Chemistry
Organic Synthesis, chemistry of singlet oxygen and organic peroxides, chemistry of fulvenes, small ring compounds, cycloadditions, heterocyclic chemistry. One of our ongoing projects focuses on the development of new synthetic methodologies based on functionalized allene oxides derived from saturated fulvene endoperoxides. Another project concerns the synthesis of nitrogen heterocycles based on a novel aza-Robinson annulation reaction. Among the target molecules are five-membered nitrogen heterocycles found in the naturally occurring family of tetramic acid antibiotics. Furthermore, environmentally benign oxidative C-C and C=N cleavage reactions are under investigation.

Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Chemistry of Singlet Oxygen,
Organic peroxides, Oxygen and Nitrogen Heterocycles, Small Ring Compounds,

Current projects involve the synthesis of new synthetic methods based on organic peroxides. In particular, the chemistry of allene oxides derived from saturated fulvene
endoperoxides is being studied extensively.


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